Grantham Journal letter: I only wish to help restore this facility

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Pardon me, Helen Goral, Grantham Museum chairman (Journal letter, May 24). I refer to your criticism of my comments about Lincolnshire County Council’s role in the fall and rise of your volunteer rescued organisation.

But at the risk of being ‘wildly inaccurate’ again, I understood that it was LCC who closed the museum in the first place and I wonder how much that saved or cost council tax payers?

Of course the volunteers deserve praise for their role in the museum’s Phoenix-like rise from the ashes of that.

It is they, not the local authorities, who have helped Grantham Writers to undergo a similar revival with new members arriving for almost every meeting. Previously South Kesteven District Council actually took our grant away under the guise of austerity and despite our great successes in twice winning the National Anthology Competition, LCC never ever gave us any financial assistance.

Not only that, the county council appear to have commandeered our huge volume of Millennium records about Grantham, compiled to include some contribution from almost everyone who ever had anything to do with our historic town.

The bound collection took former member Bob Tristram and colleague months to research and complete. As far as we were concerned it was then loaned, not given, to the museum so that future visitors could peruse it at their leisure.

As GW chairman, I have asked for its return to Grantham on several occasions but have been informed that technically it now belongs to LCC.

As for the ‘missing’ exhibits, in particular the superb model of a Lancaster bomber, which would have graced any Dambusters exhibition in the world, my comments were echoing complaints by some of Helen’s ‘satisfied’ customers.

One of them also asked if I knew the whereabouts of the priceless working models of Aveling Barford’s products and others which they believed should be returned to their rightful display cabinets in Grantham.

All I want is to help restore the museum to its former glory and in doing so, I know that no one, including myself or LCC, is above critcism.

Oh, and by the way, the generous financial support allocated to reviving this wonderful attraction in the town doesn’t come from the authority but from the austerity-stricken local council tax and income tax payers.

In view of that and the country’s Freedom of Information laws, I would like to know just how much of our money has been saved by the actions taken in this instance?

Peter Clawson

Welham Street, Grantham