Grantham Journal letter: Impact of social media on our children

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Where have we, as a nation, failed our children? I’ll tell you - social media!

I have experience of some monstrous things young and older children get up to when they should just be kids. Why now are we scared of our children and what they have done or might do? Are we being abused? I say yes, as I am sure many parents of this day and age do.

Just this year, a child we know as a family was wrongly labelled as posing nude on a popular website. You can see young teens abusing their bodies with ridiculous piercings in ridiculous and dangerous places, ear-stretching and even more horrific things and posting them on the web as though they are proud of it. We need to take control and say to them this is not acceptable, this is not fun. We need to ask them: How will you cope in the future with what you do know? What will your children see and feel about you and say? The thing is, that at some stage they will want to blame us as partents, so they need to be educated now as to all the negatives about what they do.

It is not just teens, I know of a four-year-old who rules their household and swears, destroys things and gets no telling-off at al. All I can see is the computer craze has messed us all up and I feel social media should only be allowed for people who pay a huge amount to use it and youngsters are banned completely. There has been so much of an increase in bullying and abuse on line as well as they increase in influence of cults like the Illuminati.

I just need to make people aware to try and take control as soon as you can - use the tough love approach and say this is not acceptable.

Stressed Grantham parent

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