Grantham Journal letter: Is austerity really working?

Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.
Lincolnshire County Council Leader, Coun Martin Hill.
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I read with interest the article ‘Protection for buses and gritters proposed’ in the Journal dated 19/02/2016.

It shared councillor Martin Hill’s (Leader of LCC) position to protect two valuable services. We of course all support this sentiment, but it means inevitably that the monies must now be saved in other areas of the council.

Are services like adult social care, flood defences, libraries and the fire service less important?

The fire service has again been asked to cut over a £1 million from its budget this year, this at the same time as chief fire officers across Britain are saying that any further cuts will cost lives. I for one find it strange that we have £80+million to build a new by-pass around Grantham, but not to protect all the councils valuable services.

In fact that £80million is a sum of money that would offset the fire services budget reduction for over 50 years. Wherever these abhorrent cuts hit now, they will only isolate people, remove an individual’s dignity and sadly on some occasions, cost their lives.