Grantham Journal letter: It is hard to know where you can park

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I write with regard to the difficulties of parking in Grantham.

On Wednesday last, I parked for five minutes in Wide Westgate. This was to enable me to make an appointment nearby.

I pulled into a parking space adjacent to the Hop Sing restaurant, where two other cars and a van were parked. There was ample space, and I have parked previously in similar spaces near the Market Cross.

After exactly five minutes I returned to my car to find a yellow parking charge notice attached to my windscreen. I endeavoured to catch up with the parking attendant, but after crossing Welby Street he had disappeared.

I once again read the small sign next to the parking spaces. These signs are ambiguous and it is difficult to comprehend which vehicles are allowed to park.

I would also like to say that

I would always choose to support local businesses, and shop in Grantham, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, due to the cost and difficulty of parking.

Both Newark and Sleaford have chosen to reduce the cost of parking and, like many others, I am often shopping in these towns.

I would much prefer to shop in Grantham, thus supporting our town, our local businesses, and also encouraging investment in our shops and locality.

Liz Woolley

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