Grantham Journal letter: It is unlikely lane will help traffic flow

Roadworks at the London Road / Springfield Road Junction. 340D
Roadworks at the London Road / Springfield Road Junction. 340D
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I have tried to stop writing to Journal Comment, but statements issued by our MP and councillors over the last two weeks have been so wrong, and in many cases so stupid, that one wonders if these people have any common sense at all.

I refer to the roadworks around Gainsborough Corner.

I could be wrong but was it not a planning requirement when Pizza Hut was built that they provide the right-hand feeder road that has presently caused all the chaos? If so, who was responsible for not making sure it was completed and paid for then?

This feeder lane is going to make a big difference to the traffic flow - that’s what has been stated - just wait and see, it will not.

If there are a line of cars heading through Grantham on the A52 (Springfield Road/Bridge End Road), which is the main through route, they will ensure a back-up builds up and stops any traffic getting into this lane. 
If you are one of the four or five cars in the feeder lane, you will still have to wait until the lights are in your favour.

It has done nothing to stop the back-ups, especially by HGVs when they have to stop behind traffic wanting to get in and out of McDonalds and the Spar shop.

This backs up to the lights and again will stop movement causing a knock-on effect to any chance of a left turn from this lane.

The cost of this over the last two months, if you add in fuel consumed in waiting traffic, lost business, frustration and environmental pollution, must run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With completion imminent, we have all the job worthies making noises about it never happening again. Heard that one before.

I also agree with the letter writer last week who recommends we employ professional traffic/highways managers, not politically appointed non-professionals.

One last thing, our MP Nick Boles has still not mentioned the bypass, which should be his main priority when pontificating about Grantham traffic, but then I suppose he is a very busy man?

Stuart Allan

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