Grantham Journal letter: It’s not such a dirty town

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Well done Mr Whysall in bringing to readers’ attention some awful ‘grot spots’ in parts of Grantham (Journal, May 24).

He is right in pointing out that some businesses need to do better in keeping their premises clean and tidy, and I do hope they take heed of his comments.

However, to say that there is rubbish littered all over Grantham is a gross exaggeration. Compared with other towns I visit, I think we are doing well and I can tell you why.

Firstly, South Kesteven District Council works really hard to keep our town in good shape, cleaning all prominent areas on a frequent basis.

This is supported by a number of caring individuals who while they are out and about, pick up any litter they come across. And then there are one or two groups such as Rivercare, which I am involved in, who regularly give up their own time to help keep the town in good shape.

So, Mr Whysall, there is a lot being done.

The sad part of it is that all this effort has to be put in to

remedy the carelessness of all those individuals who drop litter and obviously have no pride in this lovely town we are fortunate to live in.

John Knowles

Belton Lane, Grantham