Grantham Journal letter: Just like a local Question Time

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The exchanges between various Journal contributors must generate considerable interest, if not amusement, for readers, given the assortment of adversarial banter and badinage.

Recent examples have been between councillors Ray Wootten and Charmaine Morgan, and between Rod Hatherill and John Andrews. Also, community correspondent Peter Clawson regularly ruffles a few feathers and readers occasionally reciprocate with Peter’s plumage.

We virtually have our local equivalent of the BBC’s Question Time in these pages, although we must wait a few days for the next issue to appreciate the repartee. Indeed, we have our own David Dimbleby in the form of Mark Edwards, who continues to exercise the judgement of Solomon with impeccable editorial discretion and ensure that contradictory contributions, however acrimonious, are equitably aired and, of course, legally permissible.

Mark, if you ever tire of journalism there could be a job for you as an international rugby referee, after all, Craig Joubert must realise it’s time to hang up his whistle.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Grantham