Grantham Journal letter: Keep to the right lines on hunting

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Readers commenting about the Belvoir Hunt (both pro- and anti-) seem to feel quite strongly about the subject; however, they appear to think that communicating via Facebook and Twitter somehow obliges them to be as bigoted and offensive as they like.

For example, the quotation: ‘Briish tradition my ar*e’ must have come straight from the Ricky Tomlinson school of eloquence. The suggestion: ‘Stick to the city – you can feed the foxes there’ is not the most erudite quote of the week. And: ‘Toffee-nosed, posh, ignorant and rich’ must fall into the same category. Interestingly, there appears to be considerable confusion on both sides about the legal status of hunting.

We read:’Hunting should be illegal’ then that law is unenforceable.’ Whatever the legalities are, perhaps both sides might reflect on the following quotions. First: ‘...the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable’ (Oscar Wilde). And the second: ‘You don’t set a fox to watching chickens just because he has alot of experince in the hen house’ (Harry S. Truman).

Brian Bruce