Grantham Journal Letter: Labour gives unions too much say...only hope is UKIP!

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David Burling, I salute you, no, seriously I really do! Because you at least had the nerve to write your article on union funding and its required transparency! (Journal, July 19).

You openly admit that the unions play a vital role in policy formation and that’s when you lost it, right there...bang.

So let’s look at what your statement indicates and why it really concerns me.

Why on earth should the unions have anything to do with political policy?

They should confine themselves to doing battle with their members’ employers and keep their meddling and corrupt little fingers out of the cookie jar. What, you may ask, gives me the right to use the words “meddling and corrupt” in the same sentence? That is really simple to answer in just one word – Falkirk! It would be so much better if the Labour Party, in any of its many guises, paid less attention to Red Len McClusky and listened a lot harder to its voters, but Labour won’t because of the union dosh pouring in.

So Davy boy, you can stop banging your Labour drum. Block voting should be totally outlawed.

Your petty and childish pop at Boles was unnecessary and has mired your character.

Boles has failed his constituents big time and I personally think that 90 per cent of politicians have utterly failed this great nation of ours, so I wouldn’t put your faith in “hope” as I believe hope is now known as UKIP!

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive