Grantham Journal Letter: Let’s have many moore National Theatre Live broadcasts

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I would like to thank the Reel Cinema for last Saturday’s National Theatre Live broadcast of Macbeth, which starred Kenneth Brannagh.

The performance which was broadcast from the Manchester International Festival was truly magnificent. The play opened with torrential rain falling onto a stage caked with mud (I think it was peat) which created a real sense of the untameable power of nature.

The three weird sisters were the most wonderfully spooky and malevolent witches as they twitched, danced, sang and prophesied Macbeth’s doom. The hand-to-hand fighting was rough, bloody and realistic.

This is the second ‘live’ broadcast shown at the Reel Cinema - last month we had the ballet Swan Lake from St Petersburg.

Previously we have had to travel to Stamford, Nottingham or Spalding as our nearest venues showing National Theatre live performances. On Saturday we could walk around the corner.

So thank you to all those on St Catherine’s Road who have made this possible - and please may we have many more.

Pat Clark

Harrowby Road