Grantham Journal letter: Let’s trial free parking

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I agree with Nick Boles’ suggestion that Grantham’s car parks should be offered free of charge.

In challenging economic times, and couple with the inexorable growth of online shopping, towns need to find creative ways to stay ‘competitive’ and ‘relevant’ to a lot of people.

We need to reduce the real and perceived cost of making the trip into town; free car parking is the offline equivalent of free post and packing in the online world - it takes away a potential barrier to purchasing. Such a move is not a panacea and I accept it’s not a free option for SKDC - the revenue will need replacing from elsewhere (although it could be limited to say two hours) or other services reduced - but it feels to me like it’s worth a try to help rejuvenate our struggling town centre.

At the very least, let’s pilot it for six months and see what happens.

E. Edwards