Grantham Journal letter: Let’s try to get best person for police commissioner role

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I agree totally with the points made by Richard Johns in last week’s Letters regarding the Police Commissioner elections, but as it is a done deal and we will soon be voting for the candidates, we can at least try and get the best person for the job.

If Grantham is true to form, we will have a Tory candidate voted in, who knows very little about crime, punishment, policing and running a large budget, other than some council-related 
experience. That goes for the other mainstream party candidates as well, this position should have been made non-political from the start and we may then have been able to secure a person who will look after the needs of the town and not, as is the case with our MP, the Party, followed by personal ambition, or is that the other way round?

It carries a salary of £60,000 to £100,000pa depending on the size and wishes of the area in question, a considerable sum, and comes with a huge responsibility for a large proportion of our council tax payments.

Looking at the CVs of the majority of individuals standing they have very little experience of managing such a budget and will be relying on others to assist, in the case of the main parties this will be assistance from the particular party they represent and its views.

A previous letter writer said of our Members of Parliament, that we could pin a blue tie on a tailor’s dummy as a candidate, and he would get elected in Grantham, let’s please not do the same with this 
position. It demands an independent person with years spent in actual crime/policing, coupled with some real experience in large budget control.

This is an opportunity to show the main Party organisations in this town that we are not all sheep, we can think, and we can vote with sound judgement.

Let us not have another Mr Boles in this key local position.

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