Grantham Journal letter: Lilies are a threat to cats

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As a professional pet carer and owner of Petpals Grantham I’d like to draw readers’ attention to the danger lilies can pose to cats.

My friend’s pet recently had a nasty encounter with the flower which left her kitty battling for his life.

Most cat owners will tell you that our feline friends are inquisitive creatures, like dogs they can’t resist investigating the world around them. Whilst this keeps them happy, accidently eating some shrubbery along the way can have fatal results.

Lilies are a definite no-no for cat-friendly homes and gardens. Even if just one lily leaf is eaten, your cat could die. In fact, any part of the lily is dangerous to cats, including the pollen. Simply brushing their bodies past the lily has proven lethal. Whilst grooming their coats, cats can ingest the pollen leading to dire consequences.

The primary effects are on cats kidneys. You need to keep an eye out for unusual behaviour, lack of appetite and sometimes vomiting. Without prompt and proper treatment by a vet, your cat may develop kidney failure in approximately 36 to 72 hours.

If emergency treatment is begun within six hours of consumption, the chances are good that your pet will recover.

Lilies may be beautiful to humans but think twice before giving, receiving or planting this flower when there’s a cat in the family.

For more information about the dangers of plants to pets visit

Wendy Turner

Owner of Petpals