Grantham Journal letter: London Road restrictions are long overdue

Vehicles parked along London Road are said to be causing a safety issue as cars try to pull out of the retail park.
Vehicles parked along London Road are said to be causing a safety issue as cars try to pull out of the retail park.
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At last there are to be parking restrictions imposed along a length of London Road, close to the retail park entrance where M&S and B&Q are situated.

Firstly, why does it take both LCC and SKDC so long to either foresee or recognise that there is a problem, and do something about it, and secondly – a suggestion. Surely, it would make sense to restrict parking completely along both sides of London Road, to assist with the free flow of traffic?

There are, after all, numerous car parks along London Road with up to two hours free parking available, so there should be no need to park in the carriageway at all (commuters could make use of the vast underused car parking space close to the station).

In fact, I would go further, and suggest a “red route” to stop to all parking and waiting completely between the hours of say 8am and 6pm (including, I’m sorry to say, for blue badge holders) along the whole of London Road, St Peter’s Hill, the High Street, Watergate, and Bridge End Road between Witham Bridge and London Road, where parking contributes greatly to the fiasco around and approaching the McDonald’s entrance and exit. A fiasco that the council both permitted and encouraged through planning decisions, and is apparently happy to let continue by doing absolutely nothing to address it.

No doubt councillors will say that this would affect local residents, but, no-one has the right to park directly outside their house (unless special arrangements apply), and the situation adversely affects so many others and adds to the overall detriment of the town that the free flow of traffic should take precedence.

The council will also say that once the southern relief road is built, then the A52 as we know it, will no longer be the A52, but, for some years at least, it still will be, and there are no guarantees that the by-pass will ever actually be completed, and even if it is, the projected figures for vehicles travelling into and through town do not see a reduction overall when the new homes are built, so sadly, I’m not expecting an improvement anytime soon.

Finally, if any new parking restrictions are to be implemented, perhaps the parking wardens could be deployed to fulfill their primary function, to ensure the safe and free flow of traffic, rather than revenue generating in the town centre?

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