Grantham Journal letter: Long wait to see a doctor

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I was just wondering if I am the only person in Grantham who is utterly fed up with attitude of Harrowby Lane Doctors Surgery?

It is virtually impossible to get an appointment at the surgery these days, whenever you phone up desperate to see a doctor, you get told you have to attend an open surgery in the morning between the hours of 8am and 10am. That’s all well and good if you don’t work for a living, but if you get there at 8am , as I did with my two-year-old son a few weeks ago, you get told to join the queue and wait until the doctors arrive at 8.30am.

The problem is if you don’t get there at exactly 8am, you will end up having to wait well over an hour to be seen, as the surgery is normally jam packed. It’s a completely silly and frustrating system that does nothing for patient satisfaction.

Whatever you do though, don’t dare call up and ask for an appointment after 10am, because you will feel the wrath of the receptionists, who will demand to know why you cannot attend the morning open surgery. And, if you reason isn’t good enough, you will be told you can only have an appointment if it’s deemed urgent. But it’s then up to you to decide what is deemed urgent and what’s not - like you’re the expert?

Take my advice, wait until the surgery closes and call the out-of-hours service at Grantham hospital. They’re much better, more polite, understanding and professional.

Dissatisfied patient

Sunningdale, Grantham