Grantham Journal letter: Look at the bigger picture when it comes to Margaret Thatcher

Horsham Advertiser pictures 2013
Horsham Advertiser pictures 2013
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Anthony Hindmarch seems to think that everything which is wrong in Grantham is the fault of Margaret Thatcher, and to that end she does not warrant a statue or any recognition as a daughter of the town who achieved the greatest office in the land.

He needs to look out and see what the world thinks of this woman.

I was born and raised in Grantham, but was desperate to leave this “small town” environment and moved to London.

Over the years I have lived and worked in many parts of the country, returning to Grantham several times a year, and have often wondered what it is in the psyche of the Granthamian which does not understand the wider world stage on which Margaret Thatcher stood and was admired as Prime Minister.

There are two sides to every story - the first is that the state should look after us, whether we make a contribution to the communal financial pot or not, and it seems that Anthony Hindmarch falls into this category.

The other is that we should stand on our own two feet as far as we can, and endeavour to improve our lot - with the welfare state there to support us when we fall on hard times. Margaret Thatcher fell into this latter camp, encouraging people to work hard, better themselves and care for their families.

She made this country great again after years of Labour mis-rule and neglect, when the unions held sway.

If you didn’t live through the 1970s of the three-day week, when the electricity was off for most of the day, the dead were left unburied and the streets were strewn with rubbish, then you cannot imagine how dreadful life was for everyone. Margaret Thatcher changed all that.

Anthony HIndmarch and others like him need to think outside their “Grantham bubble” and see just what this woman achieved on the world stage.

Jean Comben

By email