Grantham Journal letter: Mallard event was marvellous

The Mallard at Grantham Train Station. 439D
The Mallard at Grantham Train Station. 439D
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I’d like to add my comments on the Mallard weekend’s activities.

I’m still totally amazed that the National Railway Museum actually let the Mallard out of its sight, and especially out of Yorkshire! I’m told that this was, pretty much, down to one man, Henry Cleary, who just wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Our next Prime Minister?

In my opinion, as a lifelong Granthamian and railway enthusiast, I rate this as about the best thing that’s happened in the town for over 30 years, in fact, probably more! I think that the fact that over four times as many people turned out than forecast, is tangible proof of that.

Once again, if an event such as this is put on, then people will turn out for it.

To see Mallard and, of course, one of my beloved Deltics standing next to each other, in such lovely weather, was a real treat! Both locomotives were expertly turned out, and the big bonus was that the public were allowed on board. I did a bit of stewarding on Saturday and found the whole atmosphere very relaxed and friendly, as it was on Sunday.

I take my hat off to everyone that had an input into the organisation of the whole weekend as it was brilliant, and brilliant for the town, right down to the superb vintage buses on the park-and-ride shuttles – marvellous!

Can we have another one in a few years’ time, please?

Steve Philpott