Grantham Journal letter: Margaret Thatcher is a woman of stature

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Baroness Thacher deserves nothing less than a full state funeral.

She was simply the greatest Prime Minister to date after Sir Winston Churchill.

She makes today’s politicians look plain weak and ultra-lightweight.

She had a steely determination to do her upmost for her country.

Yes, not everything she did was perfect, but at least she gave it her best shot.

She curtailed the unions, she defended all our interests all over the world and she gave the EU a bloody nose over our rebate – a rebate, incidently that Blair just handed back.

I have always had a soft spot for Maggie, while not always agreeing with her, but she would always have got my vote – always.

On Tuesday I received an email from a Kenyan friend of mine offering condolences – that goes to show the stature of this woman.

She was a giant amongst wimps and she will be greatly missed.

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive, Grantham