Grantham Journal letter: Money-making

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I was heartened yesterday! Being a Bank Holiday when most are off to see the Sheriff of Lincoln’s men hard at work placing parking tickets on cars, including mine being parked outside of my abode.

Of course, to see the precise methods and efficiency in which these highly trained individuals are a wonder to behold. I would like to suggest they actually try to perform their invaluable work within the central area of the town and stop putting tickets on cars within the streets immediately surrounding the High Street.
This activity seems to be the norm and has vast rewards for the coffers of the Sheriff. However, I would summise that the residents who ilve in these streets are of the opinion that this method of the collection of levies from them to help supplement the reduction in the monies from the benevolent Government to the Sheriff are outside the meaning ‘we are all in this together’, because it is the few who are supplementing for the many and receiving less.
I thought the original idea was to help with the flow of traffic from the main areas in the town by asking drivers to move vehicles which block this, but it appears it has become another money-making scam to generate money to build yet another mound within the confines of the Sheriff of Lincoln’s Castle vaults.

I. Johnstone

College Street, Grantham