Grantham Journal letter: Money pouring out of Grantham

Coun Linda Wootten
Coun Linda Wootten
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It was fabulous to read the response by Cllr Ray Wootten to both Cllr Morgan’s letter and mine.

On my own behalf, I know the work of his wife, Linda, very well. She is an excellent county councillor, very hard working and very successful in pursuing issues for her constituents, of which I am one. We have exchanged numerous emails, to which she never fails to courteously reply, and has been a great help to this area (Sunningdale), so I am not surprised to hear she attends ULHT meetings for us, too!

I have no doubt that Ray Wootten’s motives are also entirely honourable, especially with regard to our once terrific hospital.

However, comments of his such as, “if she (Cllr Morgan) had attended, she would have heard the (ULHT) board repeatedly say that Grantham has a bright future with a bespoke solution to healthcare...” do make me wonder if he, too, is having the wool pulled over his eyes!

A bespoke solution to healthcare? What gobbledook management-speak is that? Money is pouring out of Grantham and into Lincoln, of that I am in no doubt.

We are to get an ‘ambulatory care unit’, ie, if you can walk in under your own steam and walk out again, you’ll be seen in Grantham. Paracetamol, anyone?

Finally, may I say I am in total agreement with his penultimate point; all citizens concerned with the demise of our hospital, please write to Nick Boles about it.

You may feel your lone voice of protest can achieve nothing, but together, in our thousands, we can make politicians sit up and listen. Flood his mailbox – we might even get him to reply! Try Nick Boles MP, House of Commons, Westminister, London, SW1A 0AA or email

David Taylor

Cavendish Way