Grantham Journal letter: More homes will put town under strain

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Has the planning department of SKDC or Lincolnshire County Council lost all semblance of reality?

The proposed building at Fairview Farm of 355 new build homes and the then proposed new build of over 1,000 homes adjacent to Gloucester Road is well out of order.

Has the council taken into account the traffic congestion on the A52 (Barrowby Road) of the extra vehicles that would be using the road? Also, what about the noise issues that the proposed convenience store will have on the dwellings opposite in Gloucester Road?

What needs to be done is:

1. Upgrade the road infrastructure and ensure that all these vehicles can at least get around the town.

2. At least make a start on the proposed bypass that would take the heavy vehicles off the A52.

3.Improve the hospital/medical facilities (more GP surgeries and dentists etc).

4. Improve the school place facilities for all the extra children.

5. Improve the high street. A greater choice of shops would be good.

6. Improve the facilities that young people can attend.

Keith Blake

By email