Grantham Journal letter: More should walk their kids to school

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I would like to make comment on the letter in this week’s Journal, ‘Dozy Parker’.

It would appear that the writer of the letter had not thought through their comments, about the reasons why a large 4x4 had parked outside Barrowby School on the yellow zig zags.

It is not necessary to drive right to the school gate as this is a dead end so vehicles have to turn round. This is very dangerous for all those waiting outside school to pick children up or having dropped children off.

Those with dogs will have walked their children to school which is better for the children and the environment. Although I would be concerned if responsible dog owners are letting their dogs run into the school grounds.

I no longer have children at the school but was always amazed at the lengths parents would go to not to walk a few yards to the school.

Children grow up all too soon and those times when you can walk and chat with your children are precious.

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