Grantham Journal letter: More signs needed and better placed

LED sign by the bridge in Harlaxton Road, Grantham.
LED sign by the bridge in Harlaxton Road, Grantham.
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I see there is now a temporary low bridge warning sign next to the bridge on Barrowby Road.

Very commendable, but surely warning signs should be further away? Should a large, tall lorry miss the one warning sign at the Barrowby Gate roundabout, and then notices the low bridge sign, what happens then? The traffic chaos trying to extricate the lorry will be horrendous, but at least the bridge is safe.

Surely more warning signs approaching the bridges in Grantham, with adequate notice to enable the lorry drivers to take action, would be better with warning chains at bridge height.

Harlaxton Road is the same. If they miss the warning sign after passing the A1 what can they do? Turn left at the lights? No - weight restricted. Straight on? Turn right? No - low bridges down both roads.

Steve Cattell

Main Street, Hougham