Grantham Journal letter: MP should be made to pay his fuel bills

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I think it’s time some of these MPs got their heads out of their backsides and realised that the ordinary person can’t afford to pay these ridiculous amounts for fuel bills.

Plenty of people can’t afford to buy one house, let alone a second one.

Working people get paid a wage and have to pay everything out of it. This should apply to everyone, including MPs. If their wage doesn’t cover their lifestyle, they should cut their cloth accordingly, and no, they shouldn’t get help with energy costs until like the rest of us, they reach the age when they are entitled to get it.

I, like many other people, have worked since leaving school until retirement age and the cost of heating my modest semi does cause me some concern. During the day I don’t put the heating on, I try to keep busy and heat only one room in the evening.

If I feel cold, I put a cardigan on. Maybe Mr Boles could do the same.

Mrs J. G. Collishaw

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