Grantham Journal letter: Mud on the road is a hazard

Mud on Fen Lane near Long Bennington.
Mud on Fen Lane near Long Bennington.
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Please see these photographs, taken October 25, 2015, of a segment of Fen Lane, near Long Bennington, running parallel to our house at Woodlands, NG23 5ED.

You can see clearly the surface is slippery and therefore dangerous. The mud and filth also, you can see, is carried across our drive and is deposited in our garage.

Paul Jarram's car

Paul Jarram's car

We endured similar conditions the same time last year and I visited SKDC at St Peter’s Hill with photographed prints of the filth. I was told then that they would be forwarded to the police but neither they nor anybody from SKDC contacted me and no attempt ever was made to clean this highway, the responsibility for which, as I understand, is Lincolnshire County Council.

As you look at the photos you can see that the mud and filth is carried by our vehicles and deposited on our drive and garage.

I would like to know if the organisation responsible for the condition of the highways is also responsible, because of their negligence in maintaining the road in a safe condition, for cleaning our drive and garage.

Note also that it is not safe either to drive or walk on the highway in this condition and also note that it is caused by a continuous stream of farm traffic driving across fields then on to Fen Lane to deposit loads of sugar beet in a store accessed from Fen Lane (and then returning to collect more product to deposit in the store).

While I recognise farming inevitably involves all the characteristics of working on the land it is nevertheless, 
I would assume, the responsibility of the organisation responsible for the safe 
condition of the highway 
to maintain it in a safe condition.

There are several ways this could be done that spring to mind two of which are:

1. Wash and clean the spoiled highway immediately the day’s round trip farm traffic from field to store is finished (so that the filth and mud does not build layer on layer as each day passes) taking care to also ensure our drive is cleaned

2. Move the sugar beet store to land accessed directly from the fields in which it grows with no subsequent need to use a public highway.

Paul Jarram

Fen Lane, Long Bennington