Grantham Journal letter: My gripe with area’s MP

Nick Boles MP.
Nick Boles MP.
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After Mr Boles was “shoehorned into this safe seat”, despite having no connection with this area, he has always, in my opinion put Nick Boles first.

How do I back that up? Right from the start he caused anger among the people of this constituency by his stance on old people’s heating allowance, free prescriptions etc.

Since then he has made absolutely no effort to represent the wishes or concerns of Grantham people!

For example, where was he on the continuing effort to save our hospital? Strangely silent! Now the referendum!

Right up to the wire the result was in the balance so did Nick Boles support his friend who, up to now, had done so much for his career? Or did Nick Boles canvas and support the views and concerns of the constituents he was elected to represent?

Since the vote around here was, I believe, around 69 per cent in favour of Brexit, plainly not.

Post David Cameron’s failure, where do we next find Nick? Surprise, surprise, attached to another loser, Boris Johnson, who like Nick was good at promoting himself but never really in favour of Brexit!

So where now for poor old Nick? Theresa May I would bet.

So my question at the end of all this, given his track record do we want someone in Parliament who will truly represent the people of South Keseteven or do we want Nick Boles?

C Abraham

Valley Road,