Grantham Journal Letter: New paddling pool on the way

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On behalf of the Wyndham Park Forum, we would like to thank everyone who took the time over the May Bank Holiday to take part in the public consultation for the new design for the paddling pool in Wyndham Park.

The result was that design number five was the outstanding winner. This was the one featuring a paddling area as well as a splash pad.

While there is still some way to go in the process, we are pleased to inform you that an application for funding is being submitted before the end of July to WREN (Waste Recycling Group) by the Wyndham Park Forum in partnership with SKDC, and as soon as the results are known, more details will be given.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support the work of the Wyndham Park Forum.

John Knowles and Elizabeth Bowskill

Chairman and Secretary

Wyndham Park Forum