Grantham Journal letter: NHS has become a postcode lottery

Last Wednesday's protest outside Grantham Hospital
Last Wednesday's protest outside Grantham Hospital
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It isn’t just the people of Grantham affected by the temporary closure of overnight A&E services at Grantham Hospital, the nearby town of Sleaford and all villages surrounding the towns are affected by it as well.

I live in Sleaford and I know which hospital I would rather go to – Grantham - which is just a matter of 20 minutes away and on the way into the town. If we have to go Lincoln or Boston it could take one up to an hour just to get there and then on top the longer waiting times to be looked at.

Grantham Hospital is now closed for longer hours than it’s actually open. What sort of NHS are we getting for our money. The NHS has become a postcode lottery, yet we all contribute our taxes whether we live in London, Lincoln, Boston, Grantham, Sleaford or Ancaster.

Is it not time for our MPs to stand up and be counted, after all it is past and present governments that have got us in this mess.

Alan Ward