Grantham Journal letter: No bus cuts will be a relief to users

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I am so pleased, as I am sure many people are, at the good news that Lincolnshire County Council has voted not to cut funds for public transport. It is a welcome relief to all users of buses I am sure.

As public transport is required for many appointments locally, as well as Lincoln Hospital, not everyone can afford taxis or have their own transport, it will be good for everyone, not just the elderly and disabled, to enjoy shopping in Lincoln too.

I would like to remind Coun Morgan (reference her letter in the Journal of February 12) that I have campaigned for public transport for many years.

I would like to assure everyone that I will continue to campaign against bus cuts and I am hopeful these can always be avoided to ensure that they affect as few vulnerable people and general users by necessity as possible.

Regarding yellow lines on London Road, I am sure these will make the road safer, especially at the exit/entrance of the retail park for both drivers and pedestrians.

As Coun Morgan is concerned drivers will move to park on the roads of her ward, could resident parking and permits be introduced into those areas?

Coun Lynda Coutts

Grantham Barrowby Gate ward