Grantham Journal letter: No place for reason and fairness

The beer garden at The Royal Oak, Long Bennington.
The beer garden at The Royal Oak, Long Bennington.
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The recent, local flash flooding incidents produced splendid responses from our emergency services and indeed from neighbours, friends and families in support of those immediately and traumatically affected.

However, we should recognise that in the last 15 years, hundreds of thousands of homes nationally have been built on sites with serious drainage problems, some 40,000 of these in areas designated as “serious flood risk” - all with the approval of local and national government. If planning permission is given by any authority to a developer to build on totally inappropriate locations, then the authority and the developer (both of whom profit substantially) should reasonably and fairly accept responsibility for any future problems. Sadly, the concepts of reason and fairness seem not to concern those who continue to make money by placing honest tax-payers at risk. Can any of our local lawyers or politicians suggest a just answer to resolve this blatant iniquity?

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road