Grantham Journal letter: Now let it be

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As the exiled son of one of the large Grantham families of the period 1930s/’40s, I wonder if I may be allowed a few thoughts on the subject that seems to be dividing the town, namely the desirability or otherwise of a statue to Mrs Thatcher.

While stating the obvious, that she would have had no part whatsoever in the dubious practices of MPs uncovered in recent years, it cannot be denied that the respect and faith in our MPs of all parties by us, the general public, is at an all time low. If indeed non-existent, as witness the two recent cases where MPs were forced to resign after both were found to have lied after initially denying the offence for which they were later found guilty. As I understand it, there is already a tablet affixed to the house where Mrs Thatcher lived. If that is so, then I really do think the good citizens of Grantham should, in the words of that song by Beatle Paul McCartney, “Let it Be, Let it Be”.

Jim Stevens