Grantham Journal letter: Nullify jobs?

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It is customary to convey “congratulations” when candidates win elections; but regarding the police elections, I cannot do any other than wish the new commissioners well.

If the public keenly supported reforming the police, they would have sourced the relevant facts for themselves and voted accordingly.

Parliament must admit the electorate elected to boycott the election, and political commentators cannot blame the weather or make excuses on behalf of the people for not making an informed decision, as it was the government that failed to provide sufficient information.

Chief Constables must be thoroughly disheartened to learn the commissioners have been given a 10-week deadline to get their forces’ budgets and policing plans ready, when after the election sham, a contingent of commissioners have told the Home Office they lack all knowledge of working with police forces.

Before the election the public were informed that police commissioners had the powers to sack Chief Constables! How can they sack the Chief Constable if they have no knowledge of policing?

Whitehall claimed the change would give residents a say on running police forces. How is that doable if commissioners don’t understand policing?

Recall what the candidates promised, hundreds of additional officers on the beat, bringing mounted police back, reopening closed stations to mention a few. They must have been aware their promises were false declarations?

Some commissioners have confidently tricked the electorate into voting for them by applying a false description (that is to say, they could do the job when they knew they could not!) That is clearly too pecuniary an advantage, contrary to section 16 of Theft Act 1968, and the financial element of the offenc e is the £100,000 wage they will be paid?

I urge senior police officers to pursue the election through the Home Office as it is fraught with fraud and the police are being manipulated by a tier of bureaucracy that is not fit for purpose, hence nullify commissioner roles.

Over the four-year term with their office support, commissioners are estimated to cost £500 million by 2016, against the five million votes cast. That equals £100 per cote, equalling a national scandal. Our police deserve better.

Nigel Starbuck

Carnarvon Close, Bingham