Grantham Journal letter: ‘One size fits all’ approach is illogical

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We read that the East Midlands Ambulance Service has been fined £3.5m for not hitting government targets.

The excellent editorial comments about this in last week’s Journal reminded us, in a commendably restrained manner, of the costly chaos that incompetent bureaucrats and politicians can cause when they try to impose central control upon diverse, local elements of such a massive organisation as the NHS.

There can be no logic or fairness in setting targets for each regional service based upon what some others can achieve - because not all services start with the same logistical or financial resources; they all have different population densities and traffic conditions. Furthermore, we have seen many letters in the Journal from patients complimenting the local ambulance service, so is Grantham being penalised for problems in other EMAS locations?

When millions of taxpayers’ money is extorted in a ‘fine’ it simply depletes the resources needed to make any necessary local improvements. Even worse, I suspect that the particular parcel of our cash will disappear into a bureaucratic black hole - to be used, no doubt, to pay for more useless quangocrats and target-chasers - rather than to train more paramedics and provide more ambulances.

It would appear that the lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth