Grantham Journal letter: Open days are too few

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I, too, deplore fly-tipping but I don’t agree with Mr Fardell about the “brilliant service” provided by Grantham Recycling Centre in that it is so brilliant that it is closed all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Bottesford site is open seven days a week in the summer, five days a week in the winter. If they can manage these opening hours, why can’t Grantham?

Fly-tipping is also not helped by restricting waste to one black wheelie bin and by charging extortionate amounts for collection of bulky items. SKDC charges £11 for the first item and £5 for all other items – the charges are for each single item collected (so a three-piece suite, for example, is three bulk waste items).

You can understand to some degree why those without large cars or lorries or trailers pay the cowboys cash-in-hand to take waste away, not knowing what will happen to it and exasperating the fly-tipping problem.

Steve Cattell

Main Street, Hougham