Grantham Journal letter: Our communities are important

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby
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Two things caught my eye recently. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby announced that it was outrageous that people who were worried about high immigration from the EU were called ‘racist’ when in fact, these ordinary people had genuine concerns about the effect of high immigration on their communities, the shortage of housing, schooling, pressure on NHS etc.

Of course, we know that those that were shutting down the debate on immigration were the elite, those who had a vested interest in high immigration from the EU.

For the men in suits high immigration means low wages, higher profits and, therefore, higher annual bonuses.

It was well in their interest to call those who complained about it, racist – they needed to be kept quiet.

It worked – how many people have called Nigel Farage and UKIP, racist?

It seems that there is less crime in areas where people trust and know each other, where few people move house and where we recognise that the people who live around are ‘like us’ with similar histories, schooling, families etc. A high turnover community is rarely friendly as friendship bonds take time.

Our communities, where we live, shop, work and where our friends are, are important to us, and we lose our sense of belonging when they change around us.

I suspect the elites, the men in suits, still have their stylish, leafy communities, little would have changed in them due to high immigration from the EU.

Of course we need immigration, we certainly need more nurses and doctors, we also need people who are unskilled.

However, we also need to be in control of our immigration, to recognise the sorts of workers our communities need and more importantly, we need to plan accordingly for their arrival.

Deborah Green

Belton Lane, Grantham