Grantham Journal letter: Parking is tough in Kedleston Road

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Kedleston Road is becoming increasing difficult to traverse due to inconsiderate drivers parking on corners and parking opposite each other.

A red Vauxhall Corsa parked on a corner and half on the pavement caused mini mayhem recently one Friday evening, with vehicles meeting at the corner near the apartment building and being unable to pass each other.

Additionally, vehicles parked half on the pavement or on some occasions fully on the pavement (red Citroen C1 and black Toyota Yaris) then cause problems for pedestrians who have to walk sideways to get past.

Bizarrely, many of these properties have driveways, and I would be interested to know how many of these car owners tell their insurance companies that the vehicle is parked on the drive overnight, to keep their premiums low.

Can I also suggest it may be sensible to look at the property and if it can accommodate your fleet of vehicles before buying or renting that particular house/flat.


Kedleston Road, Grantham