Grantham Journal letter: Pensioners get raw deal

Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.
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Before Grantham MP Nick Boles and many of his coalition cronies grab anything else off hard-pressed pensioners they should perhaps consider a few home truths.

Not least the fact that a large majority of current senior citizens and their families, whatever their standing, have dedicated their lives to this country both in war and peace.

Grantham is no exception and most workers followed the late Margaret Thatcher’s advice to make adequate provision for their retirement, only to see their pension pots decimated by Gordon Brown’s government’s policies and others such as irresponsible bankers, still not truly punished by the current regime.

The coalition has already stuck its grasping claws into easy targets like the elderly and infirm with its ideologically motivated over-zealous austerity measures.

Now it’s dreaming up another scam, which doesn’t appear to ring true, especially in our area, where the facts don’t seem to add up at all.

When we use our bus passes, which we do regularly, our fellow passengers include students who already appear to have free transport at the taxpayers’ expense.

Even on the railways where pensioners are only able to take advantage of various reduced fare schemes, students, in particular, seem to travel free.

Back in Grantham, even more than some other towns I visit, I wonder how hard-up 18-25-year-old unemployed, students and low paid workers can afford to run their anti-socially loud boy racer cars during the current recession?

They can’t all have wealthy, benevolently minded parents.

Grantham College students in particular clog up streets around their campus by parking legally and, in my opinion, some illegally, while presumably at their lectures. Can’t the college provide adequate parking facilities on campus?

Many senior citizens can’t even afford to run cars in the current economic climate or have had to use more of their pension provisions to do so.

And this at a time when those much needed nest eggs are already being reduced due to austerity measures.

Another thing which comes to mind is that young people in general are much more capable of ‘doing a Tebbit’ and getting on their bikes than the elderly.

That’s how most of us pensioners had to get around when we were in the youth bracket. It actually improved our fitness as well as being a much better economic option for both us and the NHS.

While we’re at it, I wonder how the total cost of old people’s bus passes compares with the now ‘legalised robberty’ perpetrated by MPs claiming undue expenses?

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the potentially appalling cruelty faced by needy old folk in a district like South Kesteven, trapped in their remote homes for days on end if their bus passes were to be withdrawn.

Care in the community? Come on Nick. Let’s have a bit of compassion in this current age of rampant money mania!

Peter Clawson

Welham Street, Grantham