Grantham Journal letter: Plan funded by donations

Helen Goral  110D
Helen Goral 110D
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about Margaret Thatcher, and what if anything Grantham should do to recognise her. My personal view is that a statue, and supporting exhibits within the museum, is appropriate, and done in a balanced way will add educational value to the museum and the town in general.

What I object to is those readers saying the money could be better spent on roads/potholes/filling empty shops/reducing anti-social behaviour. Whose money? For clarity and the avoidance of all doubt, this is not a council-run or public-funded project. It is funded entirely through private donations, which are coming in by the thousands, both from local residents and people further afield. Their hard-earned money and their choice.

I agree that money should be spent on improving Grantham and making it a better place to live and visit, but that responsibility is not down to the museum or this project. To say that the money raised should be spent elsewhere is madness. If I donated money to a local charity for a specific purpose and then discovered it was being used to fund something entirely different, it wouldn’t be acceptable, so why are we, the museum,

expected to divert donations to ‘fixing the town’?

As for the comment about the museum focussing on one topic only (Journal, September 13), it’s not ‘nauseating’, it’s pure and simple rubbish. Anyone who has been into the museum in recent months will have seen the entire exhibition area turned over to Dam Busters and next month sees the start of a nationally acclaimed Embroiderers Guild exhibition. To say it is a ‘fan club for all things Tory’ is an insult to the many volunteers, including board members, who are not politically minded and just want to give a few hours a week to preserve our heritage and like it or lump it, Margaret Thatcher is part of that.

All I ask is that the people of Grantham are armed with the facts. Our doors are open Thursday to Saturday and anyone can come in and find out more about the reality of the statue project and the aims of the museum, as well as enjoying all the fantastic exhibitions we have to offer.

We don’t always get everything right, but please stop criticising without the facts. It serves no purpose and will not secure the future of the museum for generations to come.

Helen Goral

Chairman, Grantham Museum