Grantham Journal letter: Politicians in need of a wake-up call

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I would like to respond to recent comments made by Nick Boles and Richard Davies regarding jobs and other matters.

Was it not this government who did a report on the state of our high streets by Mary Portas and gave £150,000 to some places to help them. But then in the next minute allowed big shopping centres like Westfield to build and multi-national companies to keep opening up?

The small businesses have not got a chance as some cannot even get loans.

So, your £150,000 is a joke. Do you think everybody wants to work at a shopping centre? Why does the government let multi-nationals keep building and local councils let them? Have some guts and say no.

What about employing some more staff in the NHS, like doctors and nurses, because we keep hearing stories that hospitals have not got enough staff.

What about all the billions of pounds lost in tax, especially by big companies not paying because of loopholes?

Then you wonder why people cannot be bothered to vote at the local elections. What’s the unemployment total at the moment, 2.5 million plus? Wake up.

Mr Wright

Springfield Road,