Grantham Journal letter: Politicians should not become police commissioners

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Based on my own personal research into the loyalty shown by politicians towards their constituents, I have decided not to vote for a political candidate in the PCC elections.

I believe that there is no way that they will honour the wishes of the people of Lincolnshire 100 per cent it it means going against their head office in Westminster.

This leaves me with three independent candidates to choose from. I have seen all three present their cases in front of the public.

What with Mr Barrett’s reluctance to disclose who was financing his campaign, including the ‘chauffeur driven Mercedes’, plus his plans for ‘cannabis pubs’, he was instantly ruled out.

Mr Hardwick appeared to be a candidate with high integrity, but lacking in vision and experience with running such an important force such as the police.

In my opinion, David Bowles definitely appears to be the ideal person to look after our interests with regards to law and order in this county. He not only has vast experience in running large organisations, but clearly has great vision with what needs to be done to keep Lincolnshire a safe county to live in for the future.

Why not check out their websites for yourselves. The most important thing is not to waste your vote, and then moan when things deteriorate.

J. Hansen