Grantham Journal letter: Poor excuse for council’s lack of data

Potholes in Grantham.
Potholes in Grantham.
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The damage caused by ‘carriageway defects’ (potholes) and the consequent claims from road-users have cost local taxpayers nearly £90,000 and provoked considerable correspondence in Journal columns over recent months.

Many readers will applaud the Journal’s initiative in requesting a ‘Freedom of Information’ response from Lincolnshire County Council, but many will be as frustrated as I am to hear that some of the information requested would “cost too much to compile”. Apparently this is because each of the 617 claims would have to be individually reviewed - taking a total of over 30 hours, costing £770 (at £25 per hour of someone’s time).

LCC appears to be saying that, in the 21st century, its own employees cannot access simple information from its own database in a few minutes. If that is true, then serious questions must be asked about LCC’s technical and financial competence. What will emerge first - honest answers or more potholes?

Brian Bruce