Grantham Journal Letter: ‘Poor political performance triggers cynicism’

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Several of our elected councillors attribute the dismal turnout of 25 per cent at our recent county council elections to people being totally disillusioned with politics and politicians.

Some local apathy, however, may be due to the disproportionate power wielded centrally by Westminster and Whitehall - all too frequently out of touch with local priorities.

Even more remote is the costly, ludicrous legislation disgorged by Brussels, a guaranteed political turn-off for many people and a reason to vote UKIP for many others.

Poor political performance, as well as creating apathy, has always triggered considerable cynicism – exemplified by author Ambrose Bierce’s definition: “Politics is a strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles – the conduct of public affairs for private advantage.”

I very much doubt if many electors would applaud any suggestion to make voting obligatory.

There is already far too much ‘nanny-state’ legislation and I suspect that the 75 per cent of electors who abstained would sympathise with the comment of an anonymous, elderly lady some years ago: “I never vote. It only encourages them.”

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road