Grantham Journal letter: Postal service is getting worse

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In reply to the recent letter in the Journal on postal workers. Has anyone noticed that since the increase in stamps and the reorganisation of the post office, deliveries have got worse?

Where you used to have one postman delivering every day and you got your mail at the same time, usually by 11.30am, now there can be up to six people in brand new vans, doing exactly the same route and we don’t get deliveries before 1.30pm, if we get any.

I have now had to get in touch with anyone who wants to send me letters, asking them not to - because they very often don’t get delivered - and to email or text me instead.

I have had companies ring me wanting to know why I haven’t replied to their letters. You try explaining that they have not been delivered.

I have even had to stop the bank sending statements as they don’t get delivered, when the bank confirms that they have sent them. This has happened for the last six months so I’ve now stopped them as I don’t want to be involved in identity theft.

When you complain to the post office it’s the ususal reply: ‘It’s not our fault’.

A. Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham