Grantham Journal Letter: Pothole work delays will cause injuries

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Local potholes are still very much in the news - particularly one on Gorse Lane, which caused a car to flip onto its side, necessitating thousands of pounds in repairs (Journal, April 19).

This incident and many like it, will merely inflate the statistics published in a recent national report in which such pothole incidents cost motorists over £1 billion - much of which will have been the subject of successful compensation claims against councils.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways department tells us that the major problem areas are scheduled to undergo major maintenance works as part of a ‘rolling programme commencing this financial year’.

So while essential repairs are delayed until a new financial year commences, motorists and cyclists continue to suffer injury and expense - generating more and more claims. You don’t need a degree in economics to realise that prevention is not only better than cure - it’s a lot cheaper.

We are told that the Gorse Lane pothole was filled in within 24 hours of notifying Highways department. Pity it hadn’t been filled in before the incident. It would have saved a local driver a lot of trauma and saved local taxpayers a lot of money.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road,