Grantham Journal letter: Proud of my wife

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I would like to mention that my wife has been picking litter in the area surrounding Sedgebrook, specifically the Denton Lane junction with the A52 and along Denton Lane.

We regularly walk our dog in this area and she was fed up with the amount of debris tipped from passing cars. In a little over three weekends, she has cleared the area surrounding the Denton Lane junction and both sides of the lane, collecting nine bin bags worth of rubbish in the process.
The lane looks much better for it but, sad to say, it is a daily occurrence for one of us to have to collect rubbish left since our last walk.

People have no pride in the countryside, but mostly I believe they are just passing and cannot be bothered to take their stuff home or put it in a bin.

On top of the above, I would like to mention that the much maligned SKDC were very prompt in removing some fly-tipped items logged via their web page. Posted online last weekend, the items were removed early this week.

My wife asks for no praise for doing this, she just wanted to improve the surroundings she walks in, but I am very proud of her for her efforts.

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