Grantham Journal letter: Public views are ignored by Trust

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Thanks should go to Coun Ray Wootten for stating the case for the needs of Grantham people to receive treatment at the local hospital of which they can be justly proud.

Who are these “hospital officials” who say the expanding population (including the predicted ageing) is not enough to sustain a fully functional hospital? Any relation to Jane (no plans) Lewington and Alan (trust me) Kitt, who keep chipping away at our hospital whilst continuing to redirect patients to Lincoln by costly ambulances?

I’m sure money could be saved by the ULHT by slim lining the numerous boards and commissions, because despite tons of expensive paper being churned out in what’s laughingly called “Public Consultations”, Grantham people’s views are not taken into account. We will again be presented with a fait accompli that will certainly not be in the best interests of Grantham patients.

If 8,000 signatures making clear patient needs can be ignored for some flawed reason, how can we be sure our hospital gets a well-deserved fair deal?

Jane Bennett

Springfield Road, Grantham