Grantham Journal letter: Put the kettle on - they’re heading for a field near you to take generous welfare payments

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WITH reference to Laurance McAlindon’s column last week (headline: Invite an immigrant in for a cup of tea) Laurence should examine the agenda behind post-war immigration.

Because of a Victorian declaration, indigenous citizens were informed the UK was duty-bound to accept inhabitants of former colonies. What nonsense, other European nations had empires and they have not changed their culture and religious beliefs to suit immigrant stipulations.

The propaganda during the 1945 Labour government was immigration was needed to man the newly formed nationalised industries. Within a decade, plants were overmanned and grossly inefficient.

The impact of immigration upon this small country has been compounded by Article 8, of the Human Rights Act 1998, the right to a private and family life. This means any settler’s family members can all move in.

Under the Race Relation Act 1976, foreigners have taken working careers away from indigenous candidates. Should an employer ignore the legalities, the Commission for Race Relations ensures the legislation is duly-enforced or employers face heavy fines for failing to have the right ethic mix.

If parliamentarians were honest about equality, they would repeal the race relations acts and the equality acts. Instead, the acts have been interpreted to favour ethic minorities. Obviously, many officials do not give a damn. This is evident with the unprecedented number of immigrants working for the NHS, and in local government. Huge swathes of ethic people are seen on television and heard on radio, presenting shows; in plays, adverts etc.

The last Labour regime behaved irresponsibly by permitting relentless immigration. Critics of it were labelled uneducated beer-swilling racist yobs.

The indigenous population have never been allowed a vote on immigration; hence the jury is out regards the merits of promoting multiculturalism at the expense of preserving quintessential England.

I note the French are reportedly deporting 15,000 Romany Gypsies. They are supposedly coming here for our generous welfare payments and maybe heading to a field near you, so put the kettle on.


Carnarvon Close