Grantham Journal Letter: Quad bikes are tearing up the Viking Way

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In response to the article (Journal, May 24) about the bikers, quads and 4x4s tearing up the Viking Way (The Drift) from Denton to Saltby airfield.

I organise two horse rides a year. The April ride had to be cancelled as you need off-road routes for Leicestershire and Rutland Bridleway Association and I usually use the Viking Way, but it was not rideable, let alone walkable.

The other ride is in October, for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, and at the moment that’s not looking good, and the charity needs all the help they can get.

Not only have they made a mess of the Viking Way, but they have also gone down the bridleway from Brewer’s Grave to the canal.

They say it is only fair everyone should be allowed to enjoy the Viking Way, but at the moment cyclists, walkers and riders are not getting a chance to enjoy the off-road routes.

The damage to farmers’ hedges and fences is exactly what they did before, when the ruts were so deep they couldn’t even get through.

Something should be done to get it back to how it used to be with all the old flowers back.

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