Grantham Journal letter: Rail services may not cope with extra passengers!

East Coast main line.
East Coast main line.
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Whilst the proposed development of 3,700 new homes in Grantham will, no doubt, bring a much-needed boost to the entire district, especially if proper infrastructure and services are built in to the plans, we wonder if the correct provision of rail services for commuters, and the community as a whole, has been - or will be - properly factored in?

As seasoned commuters, and regular users of the rail service, we have travelled from Grantham for some considerable time and notice that the trains are getting ever busier, with most Grantham to London commuter trains nearly full to capacity, and sometimes with standing room only - especially coming back from London.

If one takes 3,700 new homes with 7,400 adults living within, and say only a quarter commute to London (is there a figure that has been assumed or used for the development?), that will mean an extra 3,700 journeys per day (1,850 each way) from Grantham. Even if only one half of the quarter guessed at commute that still means an extra 1,850 journeys per day, and half of that 925 journeys per day. The current system simply cannot cope. Even if there are only regular users and not regular commuters, it will still put a huge strain on the system, with the extra numbers of travellers and extra commerce in the region.

Leaving aside the second class annual season ticket cost of £8,064 (and the vast annual cost for parking at the railway station - circa £1,000 pa) - which is already putting off many prospective new movers/commuters to London, we are not sure that the rail service from Grantham will be able to cope

It certainly will not at current service levels.

Alistair Troughton, Christopher Jeffreys, Alastair Irvine,

Peter Stephens

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