Grantham Journal letter: Reality check well overdue

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This is planet Earth to Nick Boles. Come back down, your latest reality check is well overdue!

I actually took Mr Boles’ advice and went to the pub in great excitement at the prospect of saving myself a penny on a pint of beer. What a disappointment when my dear wife refused to join me in a pint and wanted her usual glass of wine. It, of course, has gone up so my excitement at being so much better off was very short lived!

I can’t wait to get to the garage to put 50 litres into my car, pay £66.50 for it, and feel so grateful to George Osborne for the £1.50 extra I didn’t have to pay - just had a thought, I would have had to drink 150 pints to save that much, can’t be bad.

Now, about that new house ...?

This is planet Earth ...!

Joe Adkins, Lt Col (Retd)

Worcester Road, Grantham